Web Design & Development Services at FIU

Office of Digital Communications

Our office partners with colleges, departments and units to tell FIU stories through strategic, accessible and user-friendly websites and online campaigns. We strive to simplify the lives of our digital communicators by providing expertise and leadership in Web publishing, design and accessibility.

Web services

Digital Communications provides Web design, development and content strategy services to assist in developing or expanding your FIU website.

  • Content strategy

    Content strategy is the initial auditing and planning phase of a Web project that provides a roadmap for success.

    The websites we build are supported by a solid content strategy that balances audience needs, client goals and the FIU brand. This strategy is developed through research, collaboration and first-hand interviews with subject matter experts and is intended to be used and updated beyond the launch of a website.

  • Web design

    Digital Communications has adopted FIU's official brand guidelines in all of our designs. The Pantera Design System was created by the team as a means to create, share and re-use on-brand components to assist in the design of any FIU website.

    Our team also provides custom design on Web projects that is guaranteed to stand out while holding true to the spirit of the FIU brand.

  • Web development

    All websites built by Digital Communications rely on the Core template. Core is a collection of Web modules and components for Cascade CMS based visually on the Pantera Design System.

    The Core template was first developed and launched by Digital Communications in 2018 and has since evolved with FIU's changing needs. Visual and functional updates are released regularly.

  • Accessibility review

    FIU adheres to the AA level guidelines set forth in the WCAG 2.0.

    Digital Communications administrates the university's license to Siteimprove, the university's QA and accessibility auditing tool. Any FIU Web content manager can request access to Siteimprove. Our office also offers accessibility reviews, consultations and mitigation, but the best first step in creating an accessible FIU website is to use the Core template.

Cascade CMS & Core

Core is the Cascade CMS template developed by Digital Communications for use on FIU websites. The template makes full use of the Pantera Design System and serves as the main impetus for new design features. Core was first released in January of 2018 and is now used on more than 150 FIU websites.

There are a lot of improvements in the works with the hope that each new feature makes maintaining your website a little easier. The team is working hard on making the template work for you by handling most of the accessibility and branding implementation so you can focus on your content strategy.

That said, we’re very interested in hearing from you! You can now submit requests for new features in Core, designs in Pantera or training materials for Cascade.

Website maintenance requests

Need assistance with your site? We're happy to help. Submit a request via the link below, and someone from our team will reach out shortly. If you're looking to start a new website or project, please use our Start a Project form.

Submit a website maintenance request

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