What is The Conversation?

The Conversation is a nonprofit, independent news organization that publishes articles written by academic experts for the general public. They provide a platform for academics, researchers, doctoral and postdoctoral students to share expertise and communicate research findings both inside and outside academia.

FIU Research in The Conversation

More than 80 FIU researchers have written for The Conversation. Those articles have garnered more than 2 million views and have been republished by CNN, PBS, Scientific American and The Washington Post, among other top national and international news outlets.

FIU researchers have published on a wide array of subjects in The Conversation, from Professor Rokeshia Renné Ashley’s new perspective on Sarah Baartman to Professor Craig Austin’s breakdown of U.S. supply chain issues.

Benefits of Writing for the Conversation

Thanks to The Conversation’s collaborative editing process and dedication to providing free, accessible content, your research will be tailored to reach the broadest possible audience through major media outlets.

Your research’s newfound visibility can provide opportunities to secure new grant funding, publishing proposals and conference speaker invitations.

By the Numbers

According to The Conversation’s recent U.S. Author Survey, academics reported positively on their articles’ visibility and impacts following publication.

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  • 57%

    Contacted by media for an interview

  • 36%

    Received opportunities for academic collaboration

  • 24%

    Saw increased citations for their articles

  • 16%

    Influenced policy makers

Ready to get started?

FIU’s Office of Media Relations and Communications is here to help you brainstorm ideas and craft a pitch for The Conversation.

If you have any questions not answered in our FAQ, please reach out to Madeline Baró, director of media relations, at mbaro@fiu.edu or Angela Nicoletti, science communicator, at anicolet@fiu.edu.

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