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Guidelines for filming and still photography at FIU

Florida International University owns the exclusive rights to images of its building, grounds, landmarks and all other property. We own all the exclusive rights to our name, marks and official symbols. Therefore, a written permission to use any of the university’s property for filming and still photography for entertainment, commercial or freelance purposes is required.

FIU protects its name and landmarks from inappropriate commercial use but strives to cooperate with film producers and photographers interested in using FIU’s facilities.


General guidelines

A production will be considered in terms of its size of production, footprint, complexity and what degree it might disrupt classes and other normal campus activities. Academic business is always priority before a filming and still photo-shoot is considered.

Strategic Communications only works with commercial filming and still photo shoots.  Filming permission is not required for individuals recording only for personal or private use or for employees of print or electronic news media for "breaking news" events. Students and faculty filming exclusively for educational purposes don't require our permission either.   

Featuring FIU

Any news or documentary projects which feature the university or its students and/or faculty should go through the media relations office for approval and assistance. Contact number: 305-348-2232.

  • Procedures

    Filming production must be received 14 days in advance before any filming or photography can take place.

    A film request will not be approved until the following items have been met:

    1. Detailed information about the proposed project, including:
      • Locations
      • Days and hours of shooting
      • Number of cast and crew involved in each day’s shooting
      • Type of activity to be filmed
      • List of equipment and vehicles used in connection with the filming
      • Sizes and props involved
      • Security and safety requirements
    2. Scripts or storyline need to be approved by Strategic Communications.
    3. University personnel, if required, are available
    4. FIU’s Parking & Transportation has provided a parking plan for all production vehicles and personal cars.
    5. Proof of Insurance
    6. Location Agreement signed
    7. Full payment of all fees and other estimated charged should be provided to Strategic Communications no less than one business day prior to filming.
  • Location Agreement

    The location agreement contract must be completed and return to the Strategic Communications department prior to any filming or photo shoot can take place. FIU has prepared the location agreement; the contract is to be signed by the appropriate official of the production company and the Vice President of Strategic Communications. A shoot will be considered confirmed when both parties have signed this contract.  The production company must provide FIU with an insurance certificate and check for the full amount of the location fee at least one day before the production begins.

  • Identification of the University

    Any representation of official FIU logos or seals is prohibited. There should be no mention or recognition given to FIU, unless specifically authorized.

  • Fees

    Filming and photography production companies will be charged a location fee.  The Strategic Communications department will determine this fee. The production companies will pay all incurred expenses (if applicable) such as: public safety, janitorial services, overtime, etc. these fees will be determined by a case-by-case basis.

    Specialty Area: STAR Center, BBC Pool, Frost Art Museum and others will incur a minimum daily fee of $6,500.

  • Safety Checklist
    1. Bring French barricades to cut off and redirect access to the set.  By keeping people from traversing among the equipment we minimize trip hazards
    2. When rerouting of pedestrians is necessary, assure unimpeded access to buildings and thoroughfares
    3. Signage, to be placed prominently in the approaches to the set warning/cautioning to “Watch your Step” or “Caution -Trip Hazards” or something to that effect
    4. All of the other precautions (wire bridges, scene caution tape, cones wire routing, etc.) used in the previous sessions be taken again
    5. That no potentially injurious equipment be left unattended
    6. Assure that tents or other structures that could be carried by the wind are properly and securely tethered
    7. The same concern for safety should apply to the compound area in the parking lot with particular attention to routing of electrical cords
  • Parking

    Parking & Transportation will facilitate all parking arrangements. Parking on campus needs permits or the production crew can park in paybyphone /meter parking spaces. Arrangements for cast, crew and production vehicles (RV’s, mobile trucks, generators, lighting trucks, etc.) need to be made in advance. Parking in disabled or unauthorized spaces is never permitted. A final parking plan will be discussed prior to filming.

  • Timeline
    • 14 days out - Request for filming and/or photography submitted with detailed information about production, locations, dates, time and script for preliminary approval.
    • 6 days out - Approved locations, dates, time, script and certificate of insurance
      • Location agreement prepared and distributed.
    • 4 days out - Walk-through of locations; meeting between location scout, Strategic Communications representative and FIU department representative involved.
    • 3 days before the production - Other departments such as Public Safety, and P&T distributed a plan if necessary.
    • 2 days before the production - Final approval given by all parties /location agreement signed. (At this point, locations, dates, time (everything else) are approved. If Production company decides to change anything after this point we cannot guarantee that the interested location, date or time will be available with such short notice and additional fees may be applied.
    • 1 day before production - Check for full amount of location fee provided.