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When our students achieve greatness, our researchers make breakthroughs or our faculty members earn honors, our news team is there to bring their stories to the world. Featuring in-house journalists, videographers and photographers, the news team brings unparalleled depth and perspective to our university’s accomplishments. Our work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Over the past five years, FIU News has generated more than 5 million pageviews and FIU Magazine has made it into the hands of 2.4 million alumni and supporters. That kind of reach has serious value: the average story generated $6 million in ad revenue.

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Explore some of the work produced by the News & Communications team. Browse through our daily, online publication, FIU News, or our print and digital magazine, FIU Magazine.

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FIU News
FIU News is updated daily with stories about FIU students, faculty and staff written by our staff and contributors from around the university.

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FIU Magazine
FIU Magazine is a print and digital publication released throughout the year. The magazine returned to print in Spring of 2022.

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FIU Research Magazine
FIU Research Magazine offers a closer look at the discovery, innovation and creation of our university's scientists and students.

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Style Guide
The FIU News & Communications style guide should help writers in turning out consistent, easy-to-read, grammatically correct compositions.

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