FIU Creators Application

Thank you for your interest in the FIU Creators Program.

FIU Creators are student ambassadors who are passionate about being Panthers. Being a Social Media Ambassador for FIU means sharing news and information, but most of all, highlighting your life as a student and your Panther Pride. The program will consist of FIU students who love creating content, finding new trends on social media, and have great Panther Pride! If this sounds like you, keep reading below.

The application will open from July 10, 2023 through July 21, 2023.

Becoming a Social Media Ambassador

To be selected as an Ambassador is an honor and an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth. Students who are selected as Ambassadors possess strong interpersonal skills, consider philanthropy important, have excellent leadership qualities, and have a genuine interest in social media, as well as a sense of school spirit and pride.

Application Requirements

  • Candidates are asked to commit to being an Ambassador for a full year (Fall, Spring and Summer).
  • Candidates must maintain a 2.8 GPA and must be enrolled in at least nine (9) credit hours during the semester they are enrolling.
  • Candidates must not have a disciplinary record or charges within the university judicial system.
  • Candidates must make a commitment to the mission of the university and the Ambassador Program and possess the following personal qualities: desire to learn, enthusiasm, leadership, responsibility, dependability, maturity, initiative, dedication, and punctuality.
  • Accounts must be on public to be considered.

Program Commitments

  • Post two reels to my Instagram per month minimum
  • Post to my Instagram Stories three times per week
  • Attend three University events during the semester
  • Be available upon request per schedule availability for content/shoots
  • Read over brand/post guidelines and adhere to posting policies
  • Complete all monthly task menus according to the specific requirements
  • Must keep a 2.8 GPA through the duration of your program
  • I will attend 4 virtual and 4 in person meetings and understand that I am allowed 1 absence and must notify with valid excuse.
My experience as an FIU CREATOR is educational and gratifying, as I can apply my personality on social media using my creativity and content creation knowledge that I am gaining from the team, while showcasing my FIU experience as a student. I decided to join this team as I very much enjoy displaying my love for FIU on different social media platforms while showing engineering students, like me, that college is more than just attending classes and going home; there is more to do at our campus that can change your college experience for the better.

Marcio Lau

It has been so much fun being an FIU Creator. I always have a blast making content and attending events that I can share my perspective on as a student. I am so grateful that FIU has begun to offer such an opportunity for students to be a part of. This program is perfect for me since I crave to obtain as much hands on experience as possible when it comes to creating content. My favorite part of the program is being able to be around other creators because we help each other out and share new ideas about how we can improve on what we come up with. I decided to join in for another semester [as an] FIU Creator because spreading #PantherPride has fueled my passion to keep learning, growing, and creating content that is relatable and fun for everyone! #PawsUp

Kimora Miller



All communications regarding the selection process will be conducted over email to the email you provide in this application.

If you accept admission into the program, you acknowledge that you WILL attend 3 university events AND create content for the FIU Brand.

This application will close on Friday, July 21, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.

Should you have any questions, please email us at

FIU Creators Application